Freedom's Customer Rewards Program
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How Exactly Do I Accumulate Points?
You are assigned points based on the dollar amount of invoices that have shipped to your company, in your name.   For each $100 of invoice value, you will receive 1 point.   For example, if you placed a $5,500 order with Freedom, when Freedom invoices your company, you will be assigned 55 points.   Each points is worth roughly one dollar in rewards, so your company will be able to purchase $55 worth of merchandise from our catalog.
When Do I Start Accumulating Points?
You will begin accumulating points on any invoices processed 24-48 hours after registration.   You must register to see your existing points and to use them.
What If There Is More Than One Buyer At My Company Who Purchases From Freedom?
That's a good thing.   We appreciate your business.    In regards to the Rewards points, each buyer will have a separate account within your company.
How Soon After I Place An Order Will My Rewards Points Become Available?
Each night, the Rewards systems is updated with that day's invoices.    So, if your order ships today, your points for that order will be available tomorrow morning.   However, any item you select will normally not ship until the corresponding invoice has been paid.   For example, if we generate a $10,000 invoice today, you will have 100 Rewards points available to use tomorrow.   But, if your company pays NET 30, your item will not ship until we are paid on that invoice 30 days later.
What If I Want Something That Isn't In Your Catalog?
Give us a call.   If we can supply an item requested, we will do so.   We appreciate your input.
Can I Apply My Points To Future Company Purchases From Freedom?
Yes, you may apply your points to future orders placed with Freedom.    Each point is worth one dollar, so if you have 55 points available, you may use them to reduce the cost of a future invoice by $55.
Can I Cash Out My Rewards Points?
No.   You cannot receive cash for your points.
What If The Item I Select From The Catalog Has Been Discontinued?
We will work hard to make sure our catalog is kept up-to-date.    However, there may be occasions when we can no longer supply the item you have selected.   In that case, we will work with your company to find a similar item.
What Happens If There Is An RMA For My Order?
Once the RMA is approved, the RMA will be applied to your Rewards points.    For example, if you placed a $5,500 order, you would have received 55 points when we invoiced your company. If an RMA is then issued for $2,000, your points will be adjusted downward by 20 points.    Under some RMA circumstances, it may seem unfair to penalize the buyer, while in other circumstances, it makes perfect sense.    To keep things simple, all RMAs will be applied to the Rewards points.
Can Rewards Points Be Transferred Between Buyers?
The short answer is "No".   However, if circumstances are unusual, we may make an exception.   We reserve the right to make this decision on a case-by-case basis.