Freedom's Customer Rewards Program
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What Is The Customer Rewards Program?
Simple, it is a program to reward your company for putting your trust in Freedom Sales & Marketing.
How Does It work?
Simple, the more business you book with Freedom Sales, the more points you earn.
Why Do I Want To Earn Points?
Simple, the more points you earn the more rewarded your company gets.
What Free Stuff?
Take a look in our catalog to see what all we offer.
How Do I Get Involved?
Simple, just go here to register.
How Do I Know How Many Points I Have?
Simple, just log in and you can track your invoices and points right from the Freedom Web Site.
What If I Want To Cash In My Points?
Simple, just log in, choose the item number you desire, make sure you have the points needed for that item, click on the email address provided, fill in the blanks, and it's on it's way!!!
How Cool Is That???
Pretty cool!